Flyers en 2010:

Projets de artwork non complétés pour Out Of This World



Un bon chat.

Words - Cult of Gold cd insert

Ceci s'est retrouvé qqpart à l'intérieur du dernier CD de words.

La Maladresse

Ceci m'a pris 4 mois à complèter. Je ne sais pas si la maladresse l'ont utilisé qqpart mais bon aussi bien le poster au lieu que ça ne serve à rien.



Ok, this will sound totally retarded to you but I was unable to sign in for a year. Actually, I have been trying since the last few weeks to log in to this blog until I realized that it's no more yahoo who owns blogspots and that my old user name is not working anymore. Everything is fixed now so I will be able to update this page as much as I can. Hopefully this will be more than once a year. So for now this first post in a year and a half would be 'a best of' what you missed during that time. 
^^ This is a poster done for promoting the Driftin' Drifters Back on Tracks EP ^^
^^ This was a shirt made for Words^^ This is the cover of Words 'As Law' 7" ^^

This is it for 2007. Resolution for 2008 : update this page.

PS: Check this out.



Hail to the king!

Flyer for the Commando show in Quebec city is up.


Fifth Hour Hero CD release

I made a poster for the Fifth Hour Hero CD release in Quebeccity. I'm glad about the way it came out. Hope you'll like it. I can't wait to get the new CD since I heard the first song has a trumpet part (ok not really)


J'ai fait un poster pour le show du lancement de CD des fifth hour hero de québec. Bon line up bon prix bonne coupe.

MonVoici une raison d'être fier de venir de la ville de québec: LMC RAR nous a préparé un bon rap. QUÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉBEC VIENS FAIRE UN TOUR VIENS FAIRE UN TOUR. Ces 15 secondes de musiques on été sur repete toute la journée. Que des no 1!


More art!

I had problems uploading all the pictures i wanted on the first post. So here some more:

First Message/Premier message

I finally decided to put my portfolio online. This way you'll be able to see what i'm currently working on. I'll probably also add some random toughts on what's going on with my multiple musical project. As an introduction here is "the best of" my previous works going from the newest ones to the oldest ones:

Last week end my ramones cover band finally did a show. That's pobably the reason why i picked "Gimme gimme shock treatment" as the title for my blog.